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Our certificats

GOST R and Technical Regulations Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Accreditation Certification Body Ltd. "Sercons"

TR CU Certification

Аккредитация ТР ТС -TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low-voltage equipment"
-TR CU 005/2011 "On safety of the packaging"
-TR CU 007/2011 "On safety of products intended for children and teenagers"
-TR CU 008/2011 "On safety of toys"
-TR CU 009/2011 "On safety of cosmetics and perfumes"
-TR CU 010/2011 "On safety of machinery and equipment"
-TR CU 011/2011 "On safety of elevators"
-TR CU 012/2011 "On safety of the equipment for work in explosive environments"
-TR CU 013/2011 "On requirements to automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel, marine, jet fuel and heating oil"
-TR CU 015/2011 "On safety of grain"
-TR CU 016/2011 "On safety of vehicles operating on gaseous fuel"
-TR CU 017/2011 "On safety of light industry products"
-TR CU 018/2011 "On safety for wheeled vehicles"
-TR CU 019/2011 "On safety on safety of personal protective equipment"
-TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means"
-TR CU 021/2011 "On safety of food products"
-TR CU 022/2011 "Food products in terms of its marking"
-TR CU 023/2011 "On juice production of vegetables and fruits"
-TR CU 024/2011 "On the fat-and-oil products"
-TR CU 025/2012 "On safety of furniture"
-TR CU 027/2012 "On safety of certain types of specialized food products, including foods for dietary treatment and dietary preventive nutrition"
-TR CU 028/2012 "On safety of explosives and products based on them"
-TR CU 029/2012 "Requirements for the safety of food additives, flavorings and technological aids"
-TR CU 030/2012 "On requirements for lubricants, oils and special fluids"
-TR CU 031/2012 "On safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers"
-TR CU 032/2013 "On safety of equipment, which works under pressure"
-TR CU 033/2013 "On safety of milk and milk products"
-TR CU 034/2013 "On safety of meat and meat products"

Fire Safety Certification

CNIIS Certification authorities and testing laboratories (centres) of the Customs Union

Licenses of Rostekhnadzor

Atomic License of RTN


Recognition of competence in the certification service "Gazpromcert" Company "Sercons"


A certification in "CertPromBezopasnost" is the main choice to solve the problem of confirmation on appliance by Rostekhnadzor by a voluntary compliance with requirements of industrial safety of equipment to obtain a permit for its future safe use at hazardous industrial facilities. At the present day, this problem can also be solved with use of a procedure of voluntary certification in the field both of industrial and environmental safety.

Our Experts
Yury TeryaevExpert certification
Vadim VolkovExpert certification
Tatyana BarkanovaExpert certification
Alexander PolyakovExpert certification
Dmitry KirgizovExpert certification