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Seismic Resistance Certificate

Sercons carries out a full set of activities so that your company can easily receive a seismic resistance certificate, and provides counseling on all questions related to the procedures of this document execution.

If necessary, we will arrange a visit with our expert, and hold testing and aseismic design at special benches.

The activities required for issuance of a certificate

Seismic resistance is one of the most important technical characteristics of buildings, constructions and industrial equipment, which determines their level resistance to earthquakes.

Seismic resistance certificates are issued based on the seismic stability of test results and confirms that work or the usage of equipment can be carried out in certain earthquake prone regions, and also at the plants of Oil, Nuclear, and Chemical industries.

Seismic Test Report

Seismic Test Report Seismic Test Report

Our company delivers the following services to provide you with the necessary certificate:

  • Review study of specifications and drawings of industrial equipment and design documentation of buildings
  • Carrying out tests under conditions of intensive dynamic loads. Our experts will carry out the required tests with a visit either to your company, or to the company supplying the equipment that is subject to inspection;
  • simulation of earthquake effects on buildings by special software;
  • calculation of a seismic resistance performed on the basis of test protocols;
  • drafting of guidelines for increase of seismic resistance of equipment, buildings and construction;
  • Preparation of documents that is required for issuance of a certificate and their submission to the relevant bodies.

Our company has the relevant permission documentation issued by the Rostekhnadzor for all performed work. All required procedures are carried out in strict compliance with national standards and current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Examples of certificates


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