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State Registration Certificate within the Territory of the Custom Union

From now on, the state registration certificate of the Custom Union (CU SRC) will be a document proving compliance of products with sanitary and epidemiological regulations and will be valid within the territory of three countries of the Custom Union (the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan), and will replace the sanitation and epidemiological conclusions (as a result of the Custom Union Agreement on sanitary measures adopted on 01.07.2010).

Execution of state registration certificates of the Custom Union

The certificate confirming product safety is issued by the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare according a small list of products. This procedure can be carried out by territorial bodies of the Rospotrebnadzor.


The following parties can be the applicant party for an execution:

  • The manufacturer (producer) of goods in case of product registration produced in the territory of the Custom Union;
  • The manufacturer (producer) or importer (producer) of goods in case of product registration produced outside the territory of the Custom Union.

The applicant party can contact Rospotrebnadzor or use the services of an accredited certification body.

A period of the certificate execution cannot exceed 30 days from the date of the applicant party’s inquiry.

An order of execution includes the following steps:

  • reception and registration of applications;
  • expertise of the submitted set of documents and the results of laboratory tests of the registered good of conformity of uniform sanitary requirements;
  • coordination of the required data with the Party’s legislation (the party of the Custom Union), where the registration is carried out;
  • entry of data about registered goods to the Register of state registration certificates;
  • Execution and issuance of a certificate.

The customer should provide the required set of documentation along with an application for a certificate. The documents in a foreign language must be provided with a notary certified translation and have an Apostille.

The cost of certificates and declarations execution can be verified by a SERCONS manager.

The following products are subject to the official registration in the territory of the Custom Union:

  1. Mineral water, bottled drinking water, tonic beverages and alcoholic products;
  2. Specialized food products including infant food, dietetic foods, sport nutrition; BAAs to food, raw materials for BAAs production, organic products.
  3. The food products received by means of usage of genetically modified organisms.
  4. Beauty care products, goods and items of oral hygiene.
  5. Disinfecting, delousing and exterminating products.
  6. Household products.
  7. Hygiene items for children and adults.
  8. Goods designed for a contact with a food (except housewares, eating utensils and process equipment) and others.

The full list is on the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare website (

What document should be executed if the products are not included on the list of the official registration of the Custom Union, but has been subject to sanitary-epidemiological expertise earlier?

A document confirming the product’s compliance with applicable requirements is necessary for current products. Therefore, a GOST R declaration of conformity must be executed with the participation of a third party (a testing laboratory or certification body).

Examples of certificates

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