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Fire Safety Certificate

The fire safety certificate is an official document confirming conformity of equipment or products with the specified fire-protection standards. The requirements are listed in the Federal Law "Technical regulations for fire safety requirements". The law № 123 – FL was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation on 22.07.2008 and came into force on 1st May, 2009.

The following documents for the Confirmation of Conformity for Fire Safety (mandatory, voluntary, and declaration statements) have been adopted by the Russian Federation. Fire-protection standards cover the products of both national and foreign manufacturers. The procedure of conformity assessment must be carried out according to uniform rules.

Only an accredited certification body may issue fire certificates and register a fire declaration.

The list of product groups required to receive a fire safety certificate are:

  • Facilities providing fire safety.
  • Materials and equipment used in construction and interior decoration designed to evacuate outside or to a safe area, and also for completed work of rolling equipment for railway and metropolitan transport.
  • Buildings and goods used in the construction industry.
  • Electric devices and equipment.
  • Heat producing equipment.

Technical regulations requirements about fire safety are included in the set of documents needed for execution of the Fire Safety Certificate (conformity with GOST R or relevant Technical Regulations) for several product groups.

In Russia, the detailed process of obtaining certification is outlined by the fire engineering service and the Rostechregulation (Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology). It is required to prepare a set of documents and present samples of the product in order to carry out independent laboratory testing to execute a fire certificate.

Fire tests in the laboratory

The following set of documents are required for a certificate execution

In case of serial production certification:

  • All essential information pertaining to the manufacturing company and the applicant party
  • Product catalogue or a description of the product
  • A sample of certified products (required) for carrying out independent tests
  • Technical specifications for this product
  • Complete application

In case of production lot certification:

  • All essential information pertaining to the manufacturing company and the applicant party (representing the interests of the supplier)
  • Product catalogue or a description of the product
  • A copy of the agreement, according to which the products will be supplied
  • A sample of the certifiable product (required) for carrying out independent tests

SERCONS offers you the services of our experts. They will assist you in preparation of all required documents and guide you on the conduction of tests, so that you receive the fire safety certificate as quickly as possible in compliance with the standard form established by the Russian Federation law.

Examples of certificates