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The GAZPROMCERT Certificate - a System of Voluntary Certification


The voluntary Gazprom Certificate of conformity increases your chances to become a supplier of JSC "Gazprom"
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"SERCONS" is an accredited body for voluntary certification of products in the GAZPROMCERT system, a licensed certification body under registration number GO00.RU.1135.

GAZPROMСERT VCS (voluntary certification system) was founded and put into force in 1999 by JSC "Gazprom" (Order No.10 of February,06, 1999). This system of voluntary certification was developed and registered (No. ROSS RU.3022.04GO00 of 17.07.00) in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation "On Certification of Products and Services".

    The GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification system is created for voluntary confirmation of conformity by certifying:
  • products and systems of management of subsidiary companies and organizations that are a part of the JSC "Gazprom" structure;
  • delivered products and services required for carrying out activities from other companies to JSC "Gazprom";
  • quality management systems in the companies supplying products and services to JSC "Gazprom".

The Purposes of Getting the GAZPROMCERT Certificate:

  • Confirmation of products, management systems, works, and services in conformity with the quality standards defined in the GAZPROMCERT system particularly in the gas industry.
  • Customer assistance in the selection of quality products, works, and services.
  • Growth of market share for products, works, and service part of the JSC "Gazprom" structure in Russian and International markets.
  • The protection of consumers against unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers.

The main principles of the GAZPROMCERT VSC voluntary certification

  • Transparency of information contained in voluntary certification.
  • Clearly list forms and methods of voluntary certification for products according to the GAZPROMCERT system.
  • No coercion to receive a voluntary certification according the GAZPROMCERT system.
  • Protection of the Applicant party’s interests (including property interests);
  • Guarantee of commercial confidentiality of information obtained during the process of a voluntary certification.

Examples of certificates issued


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